• How do I change the language on my ili?

    Since ili is one-way, the input language (English) can’t be changed.

    To change the output language, hold on to the lower side button until ili confirms the language is changing.

    Please refer to this video for a detailed explanation on how to switch output languages.

  • How do I know the translation is correct?

    ili offers a playback feature for the sentences you say and you can double check whether or not they were recorded correctly. Please use the confirm function to check if ili captured your words correctly. If ili captured your words correctly, the translation should be correct. If the person you are talking to seems to be having trouble understanding ili's translation, try to rephrase your question/statement.

    See how you can use ili's confirm function from below.


  • Can I change the voice on my ili?

    At the moment there is only one very cute voice. We currently don't plan on adding new voices, but we have already made an adjustment to "tone it down a notch".

  • How can I understand what the other person is saying to me?

    As a result of user testing for over 2 years, we found that the questions travelers ask during traveling (shopping, dining, asking directions) can be answered by yes/no or gestures and basic English.

     Please see the example of how the conversation using ili can work in travel situations from here (demo video).

  • What is the difference between ili and translation apps?

    Many other translation apps require a Wi-Fi connection and in order for you to use it offline, you'd need enough memory on your phone to download each language. ili on the other hand, is Wi-Fi free and can be used instantly.

  • Will ili's translation improve over time?

    Definitely! With feedback from testers and our customers, we will do our best to keep improving the translations. We will be providing software updates through our ili app every time we make an improvement.