• What's the difference between ili and translation apps?

    ili is Wi-Fi free and can be used anywhere. Translation apps require a Wi-Fi connection and in order for you to use it offline, you'd need enough memory on your phone to download each language. ili is a stand-alone device and requires no additional software. You can use it right away. Watch how fast! 


  • How much does ili cost?

    $199 for the remainder of pre-orders, and $249 regular.

  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use ili?

    No. You don't need to look for an internet connection to use ili. It's Wi-Fi free so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

  • Are there any benefits if I pre-order?

    Of course! If you want to pre-order ili, we'll not only jump for joy but we'll also provide you with a discount and International FREE shipping.

    Plus, this is the first and only chance to get ili this year ;)

  • Can I add new languages to ili?

    Yes, you will be able to add more languages. All you need is only one device to use multiple languages. We'll provide system updates for our customers. If the language you want is not supported, you can request which language you want ili to have by filling out this request form.


  • What is ili?

    ili is the world's first wearable translator specifically made for travelers.


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  • Are additional languages free?

    No. However, the price is still undetermined. We will update you as soon as we fix the price.

  • What languages will be supported?

    Right now, ili supports English to Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese as well as Mandarin to English, or Japanese. More languages will be supported in the near future!

  • Is the translation perfect?

    Currently, ili is designed for travel phrases (such as shopping, eating, reservations, and getting around). We're working hard to add more phrases and make ili the most convenient translation device for your travels.

  • Can ili be used in business conversations?

    As of now, ili is best suited for travel phrases (such as shopping, restaurants, making reservations, getting a haircut, and so on). It's not suited for business communication and negotiations.

  • How fast is the translation?

    ili translates your words in as little as 0.2 seconds. We're working hard to make future versions instantaneous.

  • Will it translate everything around me?

    ili doesn't translate everything happening around you. So no, you can't eavesdrop on others :p

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