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Translation doesn’t seem to be working. What should I do?

Please make sure you are following the 3 points below.

1. Avoid long, run-on sentences.

ili is meant to translate one sentence at a time. If you have more than one sentence to say, split them up, otherwise, ili might not translate your words correctly.

One sentence at a time

2. ili is travel focused.

ili focuses on travel vocabulary related to dining, asking directions, shopping, and troubles etc.


ili cannot translate business and medical terminology as well as slangs.


3. Make sure you are speaking clearly and slowly.

In some cases, you may be speaking a little too fast for ili. Try slowing down your sentences and ili should work. If English isn’t your native language, we also encourage you to speak slowly and clearly.

Still having trouble?
Sometimes if ili doesn’t recognize the sentence you are saying, try rephrasing it. For example, rather than saying “Is this the right way towards the station?” try “which way to the station?”.

4. Contact us

 If after everything it seems like ili still isn't working, please contact our Customer Support! You can e-mail us at and one of our wonderful customer service agents will do their best to help you out!

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