• How much does ili cost?

    It costs $199 plus shipping cost. It ships only to the US. 


  • What's the difference between ili and other translation apps?

    1. ili is Wi-Fi free

    Many other translation apps require a Wi-Fi connection and in order for you to use it offline, you'd need enough memory on your phone to download each language. ili on the other hand, is Wi-Fi free and can be used instantly.




    2. ili's design is optimized for communication.

    Since ili uses directional microphones, it only catches your voice. Most smartphones catch noise from other surroundings which may cause errors.

    Using ili


    Using a smartphone


    ili speaks to others directly

    ili has a speaker facing towards the person you're communicating to. This makes it easier for them to hear. Smartphones on the other hand have speakers opposite of the person you're talking to.







  • Do I need Wi-Fi to use ili?

    ili is Wi-Fi free

    You don't need to look for an internet connection to use ili. It's Wi-Fi free so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

    It's Wi-Fi free so you can use it anywhere, anytime.

    See why Wi-Fi free helps you travel easier from here.


    Why is Wi-Fi free possible?

    All-in-one powerful CPU allows translation engine to run on in-device server without connecting to the internet.

    Since it processes the engine with high speed, it translates your words in as little as 0.2 seconds.




  • Why is ili one-way, not two-way?

    For the time being, ili is focused on you, the traveler. ili's one-way translation is optimized for quick and efficient communication to help get you to where you want to go, tell what you want to do. 

    Here's a short video from CEO Takuro Yoshida explaining ili's one-way functionality and why it was preferred over two-ways.






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See all 7 articles





  • ili's power doesn't turn on

    Please confirm that the unit is charged.

    Before using ili for the first time, charge the device for approximately 3 hours prior to use.



  • Can I download ili's app for my mobile phone?

    Unfortunately, you cannot download the app for your mobile phone.

  • My PC/Mac doesn't recognize ili.

    Please check if the USB cable that came with your device is properly connected to both ili and your PC or Mac. 



    We currently support the following platforms:


    -Windows: Windows 7 and Windows 10 (32 bit and 64 bit)

    -Mac: Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later


    -RAM: 4GB or larger

    -CPU: Intel Core I3 or later

    Network: Broadband

  • Updates are taking too long or timed out.

    Please make sure you're connected to a high-speed network in order for your updates to run smoothly. Also, when you're updating your ili device, please make sure you have downloaded the app's latest software from our ili traveler website.

  • ili's app isn't displaying my language.

    You can easily change your language within the app.

    At the bottom right of the home screen (grey), click the setting button. Afterwards, you'll be brought to a drop down menu where you can select your preferred language.


  • Can I update multiple ili's at the same time?

    No. You can only update one ili at one time.