• What is ili?

    ili is the world's first wearable translator specifically made for travelers. You also don't need to hunt for Wi-Fi on your trip to use it... ili is Wi-Fi free.



  • What languages will be supported?

    Right now, ili supports English to Spanish, Mandarin, or Japanese as well as Mandarin to English, or Japanese. More languages will be supported in the near future!

  • Is the translation perfect?Is the translation perfect?

    Currently, ili is designed for travel phrases (such as shopping, eating, reservations, and getting around). We're working hard to add more phrases and make ili the most convenient translation device for your travels.

  • Can ili be used in business conversations?

    As of now, ili is best suited for travel phrases (such as shopping, restaurants, making reservations, getting a haircut, and so on). It's not suited for business communication and negotiation.

  • How fast is it?

    ili translates your words in as little as 0.2 seconds. We're working hard to make future versions instantaneous.

  • Will it translate everything around me?

    ili doesn't translate everything happening around you. So no, you can't eavesdrop on others :p